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What is a Death Doula?

A person who provides support to both the dying person's loved ones and the dying person themselves. A non-medical individual who offers assistance to another person on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. Being a supportive presence for the dying and their loved ones is the role of an End of Life Doula.

Doulas are Helpers

End of life issues are complex. NC Death Doula LLC can help you weave through these issues and relieve some of that stress. Doulas can help in so many ways easing the journey for the dying and their loved ones.

Terra Fox is the owner of NC Death Doula LLC and is a Certified End of Life Doula and trained hospice volunteer. She has been working with the dying and their families since 2002.

In addition, Terra holds a BS degree in Business Administration/Accounting. She is also a Master Reiki Teacher and Shamanic Practitioner.

"Working with the dying is my life's purpose. There is no higher honor than to accompany the dying on their journey. This is sacred work."

"The healing that takes place on the deathbed is like none other. It's a privilege to witness."

"I have a lot of tools in my Doula bag, but the best tool of all is the hand that carries it."

"I can always find a way to connect. Some who can't talk, can sing a Christmas carol or a hymn. How their face lights up when you find one they love! And then some just want to listen to rock and roll."



Option 1

Advanced Planning Package

Option 2

Vigil Plan/

Legacy Project Package

Option 3

Life Review/

Vigil Plan Package

Includes 12 - 75 min sessions

Advanced Directives

Life Review

Vigil Planning

Legacy Project

Ceremony Planning

Includes 9 - 75 min sessions

Life Review

Vigil Planning

Legacy Project

Includes 6 - 75 min sessions

Life Review

Vigil Planning

Packages start at $600

Customized packages available * Sliding scale considered

Add-on Services

  • End of Life File
  • Survivor's Checklist
    • Memorialization of social media accounts
  • Memoir writing
  • Respite services
  • Simple check writing/bookkeeping services

Speciality Services

  • Speaking Engagements/Presentations
  • Guided Meditation
  • Reiki
  • Chakra Clearing Illumination
  • Death Rites/Rituals
  • Aya Despacho an after-death prayer package project for children and families
    • Also offer pet prayer packages

Client Feedback

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J. H.

Hospice Patient

Letter writing project

I didn't know I could compose letters like that. It just spilled right out!

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Daughter of Client

Vigil Plan & Life Review

I could not approach mom about her death. Terra was able to get my mother to open up and plan her last days.

Blue hand drawn circle



Advanced Directives

Terra facilitated the paperwork for my advanced directives and served as a liaison between my lawyer and me for my Will when I was not able to take care of these things myself after a major medical event.


Terra Fox

Certified End of Life Doula

NC Death Doula LLC

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